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  • “3Dvarius”: Classical Beauty January 20, 2017

    Who would have guessed that a 3D-printed violin could produce concert-quality sound?

    That was Laurent Bernadac’s vision, five years ago.  Today, he’s made it a reality, with his invention: the “3Dvarius”.

    Laurent, who is both a mechanical engineer and a professional violinist, has created the world’s first fully 3D-printed electric concert violin.  He conceived the idea in 2012. according to his website.   After first trying to create a violin in aluminum, he turned to 3D printing.  The result?

    His “3Dvarius”, designed to play classical music as beautifully as a standard concert violin.

    In early January, Laurent exhibited his  innovation at CES® 2017’s Eureka Park™ Marketplace, in Las Vegas.   He also allowed fellow violinists a chance to play his new instrument–and the sound was incredible!

    Laurent talked about the process of designing, testing and marketing the “3Dvarius”.

    In this edition of Over Coffee® you’ll hear:
    • How Laurent came to choose 3D printing for his new violin;
    • Some of the challenges involved in creating it;
    • Laurent’s experiences testing and showcasing his new instrument;
    • His advice to fellow makers and innovators;
    • Where to see and hear the “3Dvarius” and meet Laurent!
    (Will you be at the National Association of Music Merchants trade show, in Anaheim, January 19th-22, 2017 in Anaheim?  Laurent will be there throughout the show, playing and giving a presentation on his new “3Dvarius” electric concert violin!
    Can’t make it to NAMM?  Here’s the link to Laurent’s YouTube channel, where you can see him play his 3Dvarius violin and check out the sound for yourself!)
  • Ed Roman: Artist, Giver, Messenger September 16, 2016
    (Photo courtesy of Michael Stover, and used with permission.)

    (Photo courtesy of Michael Stover, and used with permission.)

    “That’s what makes a society healthy, is the ability to look at itself,” says award-winning Canadian musician and songwriter Ed Roman.

    And on his new album, Red Omen, that’s exactly what he challenges his listeners to do.

    Crafting original lyrics and an eclectic sound that blends country, pop, rock and folk, Ed reminds his audiences to ask questions and live mindfully–but not to take ourselves too seriously, in the process.

    “Dawn is coming quickly, and it’s looking kind of sickly,” he observes, in his country-flavored “Tough Cookie”.  On “Time Itself”, his everincreasing tempo and  lush-sounding guitar work evoke both the rapidity with which time goes by–and the beauty of getting to live that experience.   And on “I Am Love“, he issues a call to action with a clear-eyed look at current circumstances.

    But Ed, whose professional honors have included two Indie Music Channel Awards, an Akademia Award and nominations for both the 2015 and 2016 Josie Music Awards, doesn’t stop at creating socially-conscious music.

    He released his single, Lay One Down, on Veterans’ Day, 2015.  Royalties from this single go to raise funds for nonprofit Heart Songs for Veterans.  Following the release of the single, Ed and other award-winning musicians from around the world donated their time to create the “Lay One Down” video, to benefit the veterans’ organization.

    While shooting his music video “Jamaica”,  for his previous album Letters From High Latitudes, Ed delivered humanitarian aid and taught music lessons in the poorest part of Jamaica.  His goal is to one day open a mobile music school on the island.

    Ed talked about the experience of recording his new album, the ideas behind his music and the creation of the videos from some of the cuts on “Red Omen”.

    On this edition of Over Coffee® you’ll hear:
    • What the writing and recording process was like, for the album Red Omen;
    • Some of the recurring themes for which to look, among the metaphors in the songs;
    • How a creative work “takes over” to take an artist through the process;
    • Some of the influences and ideas behind the cut “ETA”;
    • The autobiographical references  and stories behind the title cut;
    • The creative process behind “I Am Love”, the first single from this album;
    • How Ed became involved in Heart Songs for Veterans, to which he contributed “Lay One Down”;
    • What it was like to  produce the video for “Lay One Down” and some of the other songs on the album;
    • Ed’s plans to further his humanitarian work in Jamaica;
    • How Ed grew as an artist while recording Red Omen;
    • His advice to fellow musicians on “getting it right the first time” when recording;
  • Making Magic Happen December 4, 2015
    For our Christmas hiatus, we’ll be rebroadcasting some of our most popular Over Coffee® episodes from 2015.
    (Photograph courtesy of Deanna Della Cioppa, and used with permission.)

    (Photograph courtesy of Deanna Della Cioppa, and used with permission.)

    This Christmas season, you probably know her best as the “Black Friday Woman” and the “Christmas Woman”.

    That’s because singer/songwriter Deanna Della Cioppa is back for a second exuberant appearance, as frontwoman in the “Big Lots” commercials.  But that’s just one aspect of her career.

    Deanna’s professional resume has included co-writing and singing the 2000 dance hit “Higher”, performing all over the world (including with Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion and Cece Winans), and appearing on Season 8 of “America’s Got Talent”.  In a recent e-mail, Deanna told us she’s the singing voice behind an exciting new commercial, starting on Christmas Day–and wait till you hear about her “dream project”, currently in the works!

    (Like to connect with her?  She’d love to hear from you; her Instagram, Vine and Twitter is @deannabombchica.)

    In this episode of Over Coffee®, you’ll hear:
    • The “baby steps” Deanna took, to prepare for her career during her growing-up and teen years;
    • What she did to get her music in the record store while still in her teens;
    • The chance meeting that led her to a top-notch professional training and started her on her career path;
    • The best lesson she learned at Berklee College of Music (hint: this works for artists and innovators in all areas–not just musicians!);
    • Her experiences recording her first Big Lots commercials in 2014;
    • A love story that you’ll love!;
    • The highs and lows of her successful music career;
    • How she manages to keep her feet on the ground in the rollercoaster world of the music business;
    • An exciting “dream project” on which she’s working
    • The philosophy by which she lives and creates her music
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