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  • Podcast Legalities: The “Wright” Approach September 29, 2017
    Business attorney Shahara Wright

    (Photograph courtesy of Shahara Wright, and used with permission.)


    If you’re a small podcaster, how can you possibly get into legal trouble?

    All too easily, says business attorney, author, professor and business strategist Shahara Wright.

    Shahara’s career is all about serving small businesses, both as an attorney and as a business strategist.  She founded her law practice, The Wright Firm PLLC, in 2000, and serves as lead attorney.  Meanwhile, Shahara also helps small businesses chart a course to survival, through her company The CEO Effect, LLC.

    In August, Shahara gave a great talk at Podcast Movement 17, in Anaheim, about the legal side of podcasting.   She also offered an excellent resource for podcasters:  her e-book, The How-to Guide to Keeping Your Podcast Legal.

    The scary part?   A podcaster–especially a new one–can be breaking the law without even realizing it.

    For International Podcast Day, Shahara joins us, to take a look at the common legal mistakes podcasters make, and how to keep your podcast legal.

    (This podcast is for informational purposes only, and is not intended as legal advice.  Please consult an attorney with any legal questions.)

    On this edition of Over Coffee®, you’ll hear:
    • How Shahara first became interested in law, as a career path;
    • How podcasting first came on her radar;
    • Some of podcasters’ most common legal mistakes;
    • What to do if you want to use copyrighted information or material;
    • The process of getting licensing to use copyrighted music legally;
    • How podcasters can protect their own recorded content, by registering it for copyright;
    • Considerations for podcasters, before applying for a trademark;
    • Who owns a co-hosted show;
    • Some of the considerations involved in distribution;
    • Some of the current legal trends that may affect podcasters in the future;
    • Is a podcast considered “news”?;
    • What are some of the legal issues that could be involved in promoting your podcast?

    Want to read a great book?  Check out Shahara’s From Entrepreneur to CEO: How to Position Your Business to Accelerate Growth.

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    Meanwhile, Happy International Podcast Day!!!

  • Podcast Monetization: Fact Vs. Fantasy September 8, 2017

    Jessica Kupferman at outdoor table at Podcast Movmeent 17

    Today, there’s a lot of hype about podcast monetization.

    Podcasting is exploding.  And the Internet is full of stories of people who launched podcasts, built communities–and ultimately, wound up with six-figure incomes.

    But, just how realistic is all of this, for the average person?

    Not very, says podcast business strategist, talent agent and podcaster Jessica Kupferman.  Jessica launched J/K Media Agency, the first advertising agency for podcasters, in 2016.  Since then, she’s been acting as a liason between podcasters and sponsors.  However, she warns, your podcast needs to have a major reach.   (Think thousands, not hundreds, of downloads per episode.)  And even then, “podcast monetization” would translate much more closely to buying an extra latte, than to vacationing in the south of France.

    With all that said, though, earning an income from your podcast can be doable.  Jessica (who is the co-founder of She Podcasts, a podcasting network for and about women) talked about the myths about podcast monetization, the areas on which to focus if you’d like to monetize, and where to go from here.

    On this edition of Over Coffee®, you’ll hear:
    • Jessica’s perspective on the mistakes podcasters make, when they think about monetization;
    • Some of the best ways to monetize a new podcast;
    • Why individual podcasters can’t realistically expect the same response as some of the “big-money” names in podcasting today;
    • How to market your podcast when you’re a one-person shop;
    • The reality of podcast download figures, as they relate to monetization value;
    • Some of the mistakes podcasters make, when doing “reads” for new sponsors;
    • Where to find Jessica’s free resources, that will tell you whether your podcast is ready for sponsorship–and what to do, if the answer is “no” at the present time.
     And, don’t forget to check out the “She Podcasts” podcast, which Jessica co-hosts with Elsie Escobar!   In addition, here’s the story of how Jessica herself got started in podcasting, from our 2016 Over Coffee® interview.
  • Mastering the Art of Podcasting September 2, 2017

    Valerie Geller at PM17 with her two most recent books

    “Podcasting isn’t easy,” says international broadcast consultant and author Valerie Geller.

    But, she says, if you love doing it, that won’t stop you.    And if you’re producing a podcast, she can tell you exactly how to make it a magical experience for your listeners.

    During the recent Podcast Movement 2017 conference, in Anaheim, we discussed the elements behind that magic.

    Valerie, who is the president of Geller Media International, is the recipient of the Conclave’s Rockwell Lifetime Achievement Award for her work in radio.  Her radio background includes serving as program director at New York’s WABC, training talent for broadcast stations in thirty-five countries, and publishing four books.  Excerpts from her most recent one, “Beyond Powerful Radio: A Communicator’s Guide to the Internet Age” appear in Kerry Lutz’s new book, “Viral Podcasting: A Proven Process to Earn a 6-Figure Income From Your Show“.

    And with the explosion of podcasting, now she also applies her expertise to training podcasters.  Her focus: creating an excellent product that will keep listeners captivated.

    Valerie talked about the elements that make a podcast compelling, some common mistakes podcasters make, and some of the qualities podcasters need to make their shows successful.

    On this edition of Over Coffee®, you’ll hear:
    • How to engage a podcast audience from the start;
    • The story behind “Viral Podcasting”;
    • The three-step essence of a compelling podcast;
    • Some “do’s” and “don’t” of doing a podcast;
    • The layers of storytelling, for a show;
    • How to slip in “personality” on an interview podcast;
    • An important risk which serious podcasters need to take;
    • How to know when your podcast ventures into “boring” territory;
    • What matters more than “the right podcast length”.
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