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  • A Place of Empowerment December 18, 2015
    For our Christmas hiatus, we’ll be rebroadcasting some of our most popular Over Coffee® episodes from 2015.
    (Photo courtesy of Jenna Edwards, and used with permission.)

    (Photo courtesy of Jenna Edwards, and used with permission.)

    Filmmaker Jenna Edwards is all about joy and creativity.

    But to get there, she had to survive the unthinkable.

    Jenna is an IAWTV Red-Carpet film producer,  professional actor, and writer.  She is also the Executive Producer of the new talk show, Wake Up™, which premiered in May of 2015.  And in April of 2015, she was one of the speakers on a stand-out panel on “Women in New Media”, at New Media Expo.

    The catalyst for her current life?   2003’s tragic Santa Monica Farmer’s Market accident.  Nine people died when an elderly driver’s car plowed through the market, and Jenna was left with severe injuries and PTSD.  After recovering, she was determined to live the life she most wanted–and to empower others to create theirs.  That’s what ultimately led her to found her lifestyle brand, Create With Jenna.

    Jenna talked about her background, her experiences dealing with PTSD, the new perspective her “near-death experience” gave her on her life and work, and her current projects.

    In this episode of Over Coffee®, you’ll hear:
    • The unusual childhood experiences that led to Jenna’s development as a creative professional;
    • How Jenna decided to move to California and become an actor;
    • What happened next, with her career;
    • How the Farmer’s Market  tragedy put her back in touch with her “inner voice”;
    • Her experience with PTSD and the techniques she learned to conquer it;
    •  One anti-panic-attack trick that may sound funny–but Jenna says it works!
    • The circumstances that started Jenna working as a film producer;
    • Jenna’s experiences producing the independent movie April Showers;
    • One of the best lessons she learned about filmmaking;
    • The take-charge career decision Jenna made that freed her to follow her own path;
    • The early magic of her first days executive-producing of Wake Up™;
    • A demo “Create With Jenna” lesson in breaking down a goal into small steps;
    • A “New Year’s Resolution” strategy that works around the way most of us fail at these, and helps Jenna accomplish her creative goals–long AFTER January 1!
    • Her steps to creating a dream with intention.
  • Remaking “The Industry” December 11, 2015
    For our Christmas hiatus, we’ll be rebroadcasting some of our most popular Over Coffee® episodes from 2015.
    (Photograph courtesy of Jenn Page, and used with permission.)

    (Photograph courtesy of Jenn Page, and used with permission.)

    Kindness and magic aren’t necessarily the main elements of Hollywood.

    But on filmmaker Jenn Page‘s sets, they’re essentials.

    Jenn is a professional actor and director who founded Luminave Films in 2012.   Her goal was to produce films for women to star in, direct, produce–and even work on as crew members, if technical positions are their area of interest.   Luminave’s mission is to create positive sets where everyone’s welcome to be creative, as projects get completed on time and films that are produced by, for, and/or show women in a positive light.

    Jenn at IAWTV Awards1_edited-2

    Jenn ‘s work has won multiple audience awards at festivals, and two of her short films have sold for distribution, so far.  Currently, she’s directing the talk series Wake Up, and in April, she directed and produced the IAWTV Awards at the New Media Expo, in Las Vegas.  (She also hosted a great panel on “Women in New Media”!)

    Jenn talked about her background, the experiences that served as a catalyst for her creation of Luminave Films, and her plans for the future.

    In this edition of Over Coffee®, you’ll hear:
    • The early influence that underscored Jenn’s determination to succeed;
    • The less-than-ideal work experience that became the catalyst for the creation of Luminave Films;
    • What worked for her, in the early days of creating Luminave Films;
    • What’s behind the “magic” of some of the amazing things that have happened for her;
    • How she came to create award-winning short film “Love Unconditional”;
    • One of Jenn’s most exciting experiences directing Wake Up;
    • The artist’s perspective she’s chosen to adopt, that helps her achieve her dreams;
    • What she’s doing with an exciting new project;
    • Her advice for fellow directors on getting the best performances from actors;
    • The main ways she wants her work to change the film industry, and the world.
  • A Dynamic “Butterfly” September 30, 2015

    Carole on the red carpet2

    Media marketing specialist Carole Sanek knows all about making a podcast a success.

    Carole is the “Chief Expressive Creator” of Butterfly Boom Productions (formerly The Social Butterfly Media Marketing), a Florida-based media marketing firm.  She’s also a creator/host of “The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show” podcast.  So far, Carole and her fellow “Crazy Marketing Ladies” have posted 50 episodes.  And they’re “crazy good”!  Just a few of their topics are SEO optimization, effective Twitter marketing and  content creation.

    For International Podcast Day, Carole talked about the creation of “The Crazy Marketing Ladies” show, offered advice for getting started in podcasting, and even gave an inside look at the process, with a second new podcast she’s starting in October!

    (Graphic courtesy of International Podcast Day.)

    (Graphic courtesy of International Podcast Day.)

    On this special edition of Over Coffee® for International Podcast Day, you’ll hear:
    • What Carole’s growing-up years taught her about marketing
    • Her experience sneaking into the Rolling Stones’ dressing room
    • A preview of her most recent episode of The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show, featuring web designer Mike Mueller
    • How she first discovered podcasting
    • The genesis and current work of The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show podcast
    • One of her own most inspiring “crazy” marketing moments—and what you can take away from it about booking celebrity podcast guests
    • What she learned about the challenges of podcasting during early episodes of “TCMLS”
    • Her advice to anyone who wants to start a podcast
    • Her resource recommendation for album-cover design and equipment: “For $100 you can be up and running.”
    • The services she offers podcasters through her company, Butterfly Boom, and her additional brand-new podcast, coming out in October—this is going to be a great one!
    • Her professional advice on “branding”
    • The creative process of putting together her new podcast—and what new podcasters can learn from it.
    •  The “dream” podcast guest she’d like to book!   See if you know him or can help her with a contact?
    • How to nurture your new creative idea–podcasting or otherwise.
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