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It was Halloween, 1988, just after dark.

The office door closed behind me, one final time.  I walked into the alleyway, thinking, this is either the craziest thing I’ve ever done—or the absolute sanest.

That was the beginning of the journey that led to this: our small business, Two Maverix™ Multimedia.

On that long-ago Halloween night, I had just worked my last day at a desk job and was “running away to join the circus”: going full-time into broadcast training and whatever came thereafter.

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Since then, the broadcast industry has undergone a major sea change. And one of the best creative lessons has been: when you take the initiative, exciting things can happen.

That is what this website is all about.

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After twenty-one years as a professional broadcaster, I’ve gone independent with our podcast, Over Coffee® and this blog.

The podcast explores the eclectic ways people make a difference—and the creative lessons and resources we can share, as a result.

Our blog?  Events you might enjoy.  These can either be events created when someone said, “Well, why isn’t there one of those?”, or came up with a new way of doing something.

Hope you enjoy browsing our site!  And if you’re “innovating, creating or making a difference” and would like to contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

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