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  • Cutting-Edge, Compelling and Life-Saving June 16, 2017
    Hidden Tears Project co-founder Jordan Marinov

    Hidden Tears Project co-founder Jordan Marinov. (Photograph courtesy of Hidden Tears Project, and used with permission.)

    The Hidden Tears Project is producing virtual-reality films, among its upcoming projects.  And the results will almost certainly haunt you.

    That’s because Hidden Tears’ mission is to create media that raise mainstream awareness of an almost-hidden social problem: human trafficking in the United States.

    Jason Gurvitz gives a presentation at Toolbox LA

    Hidden Tears co-founder Jason Gurvitz at Toolbox LA, June 1, 2017.

    Entertainment professionals Jordan Marinov and Jason Gurvitz co-founded their nonprofit in  in 2015.  Drawing on their backgrounds in dance and filmmaking, respectively, Jordan and Jason collaborated with law-enforcement officials, survivors, and child advocates while recruiting top Hollywood talent .  Their first two resulting projects, the short films Unseen Dances and Tanya, are currently on their  website’s media page.

    Unseen Dances, which Jordan choreographed,  brings to light some of the shocking facts about human trafficking while exploring, through dance, the world of women abducted into the sex trade.   (Jordan is the Artistic Director of her own dance company, Marinov Dance, and has performed all over the world as both an actress and a dancer.)

    Jason Gurvitz closeup

    Meanwhile, the dramatic short Tanya, which Jason co-produced, shows the stark realities of a young woman’s life as a prostitute.   (Jason, who is the founder of Green Dog Films, also co-directed Unseen Dances.  His past projects, prior to the Hidden Tears Project, have included producing the critically-acclaimed film “Avenged” and directing the anti-trafficking short documentary “Until They All Come Home”.)

    In addition to producing awareness-raising content, Hidden Tears hosts events and screenings, donating the proceeds to their nonprofit collaborators.   They also have a blog, featuring articles and resources, as well as  The Hidden Tears Project Podcast, available on Soundcloud.

    Jordan and Jason shared the story of creating the Hidden Tears Project, talked about their experiences creating their content, and shared some insights into what’s involved in using the new medium of 360-degree virtual reality to put viewers into stories they won’t soon forget.

    On this episode of Over Coffee® you’ll hear:
    • How Jordan and Jason first became aware of the issue of human trafficking;
    • What was involved for them, in creating Hidden Tears;
    • Jordan and Jason’s experiences on creating their first two Hidden Tears projects;
    • A preview of their next (virtual-reality!) projects, Shades of Red and Silencio;
    • Some of the creative challenges involved, for both directors and talent, in creating virtual-reality films;
    • Resources and nonprofits dedicated to fighting human trafficking, with whom you can get involved;
    • The experiences which Jordan and Jason have found most rewarding, so far, in creating their content;
    • Some of the factors behind the enormous cost of rescuing the victims of human trafficking;
    • Jordan and Jason’s recommendations for fellow creatives who want to create VR content for a cause;
    • How you (despite a busy life) can help  the Hidden Tears Project–or make a difference by donating time and talent to another nonprofit which serves human trafficking survivors.


    Saving Innocence – nonprofit devoted to ending the sexual exploitation of children.

    Treasures – faith-based outreach support group to women in the sex industry

    Love 146 – prevents child exploitation through education, and cares for survivors

    Maria Suarez Foundation – Led by survivor Maria Suarez, this nonprofit is dedicated to “eradicating slavery in all forms”: coerced labor, sex slavery or trafficking.

    ARC (Association for the Recovery of Children) – Nonprofit organization of former and active intelligence, law and military personnel who work to recover missing and exploited American children in foreign and domestic locations.

    Polaris Project – helps survivors, prevents trafficking and pursues traffickers through data and technology

    Rights4girls – human rights organization, dedicated to ending sex trafficking and gender-based violence in the United States.

    Traffick Free – Chicago-based faith-motivated nonprofit that provides victim services and programs to end human trafficking in the Chicago metropolitan area.

    The Freedom Ride Project – This 1,500-mile bike ride to raise awareness about human trafficking started in 2016.  Their next Freedom Ride, from Bend, Oregon, leaves September 16, 2017.  Here’s their map–and you can also volunteer, sponsor or plan an event through their website.


  • A Space Retrospective – to the Future June 10, 2017
    Due to unforeseen circumstances, we’re running a backup show this week.  Over Coffee® will be back with a new episode next Friday, June 16th.  Meanwhile, in honor of the 2017 NASA astronaut candidates, here is one of our most popular interviews from Space Apps Pasadena 2016, starring NASA JPL IT Chief Technology Officer Tom Soderstrom.
    Tom Soderstrom of NASA JPL

    If you’re running a startup, you have a lot of the skills required for planning a space flight.

    At least, that’s NASA JPL IT Chief Technology Officer Tom Soderstrom’s perspective.

    We had the opportunity to talk at NASA Space Apps Challenge 2016, in their Pasadena location.  As teams of coworkers, family members and even strangers worked together, using NASA open data to “hack” literally any problem in the universe, Tom explained the parallels.

    Tom Soderstrom onstage with astronaut Doug Wheelock and NASA Deputy Chief Scientist Gale Allen

    Tom, who has been involved with NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge since its beginning, in 2011, was onsite to serve as a consultant to the teams.   He would also be one of the project judges, as teams presented their finished projects following the weekend-long hackathon.

    And with him, Tom was bringing a background of not only expertise in space-related information technology–but in working with a number of startups.

    Tom talked about his background, the Space Apps challenge, and some of the ways NASA’s vision for the future is sparking innovation we’ll see in our lives within the next few years.

    On this episode of Over Coffee®, you’ll hear:
    • How Tom first became inspired to work as a scientist;
    • Why Tom was drawn back to NASA after working in industry;
    • Some surprising facts about patents and innovation;
    • How Tom first came on board with NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge;
    • Some of the innovations citizen-science teams developed, during 2016 Space Apps;
    • Resources Tom recommends to people from a non-scientific background, for learning how to program;
    • How an entrepreneur’s startup experience parallels the Space Apps Challenge, and NASA in general;
    • Tom’s projections of the ways NASA’s innovations are going to affect space travel in the future;
    • His “yardstick” for analyzing new, seemingly “crazy” ideas.
    • How a “crazy” idea  became one of NASA’s most notable successes.


    NASA Space Apps Challenge Global Hackathon – See the 2017 projects that made the finals, worldwide, from this 48-hour hackathon for the benefit of–the whole world!  (This will also be the site on which city locations will be announced for the 2018 Space Apps Challenge, happening in April.  Registration is free; you may want to bookmark their site and check back in early 2018!)

    NASA Television – Live coverage of launches, spacewalks, astronaut press conferences and other cool space stuff!

    NASA Datanauts program – NASA’s free program for citizen scientists–and everyone (including us arts people and storytellers) is welcome to apply!  They’re currently accepting applications for their Fall class.

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